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My Work Space

I always wonder what a big time artist's work area looks like.  In the Frank Frazetta documentary "Painting with Fire" they showed Frazetta in his studio working and I got goose bumps.  There's something magical about artists and their spaces.  Then again maybe it's just me.

Anyway, I decided to share with you my work space.

this is my little drawing table.  I know it's a mess, but it's mine.   You may notice a toy horse laying on the side table, it's my daughter's and I used it for a reference in No Parking.  Also on the wall I tape up references and unfinished pages.  I have some pages of Blackstun's first web issue to remind me I have to finish web issue two.

Here's a better look at my side table, with my inks, pens, pencils, and water colour supplies.  The shelf against the wall holds some of my comic, magic and monster movie collectibles, which don't pertain to drawer per say but give me inspiration.

Okay, I showed you mine, let's see yours.
No Parking, Web Comic, J Sheehan, Barney Duck


This is the story of the May 7th comic for No Parking.  No, not the one that is up there now (LINK), the other May 7th comic.  Let me explain.

I had the comic for May 7th already done and lettered for Wednesday (I update at midnight three days a week, Mon, Wed, Fri).  It poked fun at the Clinton's and since I believed Hill was going to stay in the race by winning either one or both states (if she lost both she would be out) in Tuesday's primary, I figured a Clinton joke would still be topical come Wednesday morning.  Still, if something happened in the news that would be funnier I decided to stay up, just in case.  That's the joy of being a web comic artist, something can happen and you can have a cartoon about it up ten minutes later.  It can also be a curse. 

Indiana started coming in and Hill was ahead of Obama by a wide margin (like 30% at one point), securing her staying in the race.  North Carolina was going Obama's way, so it looked like it was going to be a draw for the night.   Then the Indiana numbers started to shift.  Obama started to pick up in Indiana, closing the gap.  A while later he was within 3 percentage points.  An article on Drudge Report said that the remaining districts were going heavily Obama.  I looked like Obama might win both states...

...making my comic out of date before it even got read by anyone.

For the comic to be funny Clinton had to be in the race.  I thrive on keeping my gags fresh and topical, and this one's expiration date was ticking away.  I could of put a strip up about buying war bonds to beat Hitler and it would be as timely as my Clinton comic.  I hated to say it, but I needed Clinton to win Indiana or I'd have to change my comic, and it was already 11:00pm.  As the minutes ticked by it started to look like Indiana wasn't going to call the election until morning, even though North Carolina was already in the books.  I bit the bullet, got a fresh sheet of paper and drew a new strip.  I couldn't risk Clinton losing and ruining my comic.

The May 7th comic that is up now was a gag I had planned for Friday.  I uploaded that strip a few minutes after midnight and climbed into bed.  Now he's the funny part.  Clinton did go on to win Indiana, so after all the fretting and rushing to get a new strip done, in the end it didn't matter.