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Thor Movie to be Rebooted...

This is not a good sign for the Thor Movie...

Marvel Studios to reboot 'Thor' in new movie for 2014.

Marvel Studios announced today the release date for the 'Thor' movie reboot...even before the Kenneth Branagh 'Thor' for 2011 is out.

"We figure it's going to suck", said producer Arne Schmidt.  "Look at 'Hulk' from 2003.  I mean, damn, that was painful.  So basically, we're planning ahead.  If Ken (Branagh) can deliver 'Thor' for release in 2011, we can have the 'Thor' reboot out by 2014."

Victoria Alonso, co-producer of the upcoming 'Thor', added, "The reboot's script is wonderful.  Screen writers Karl Sangler and Jerry Sanche have really delivered one hell of a summer blockbuster.  Totally different than the movie we're filming now.  I guess the second time's the charm."

This comes as no surprise to Hollywood insiders.  The new versions of Star Trek and James Bond have been box office gold.  Already other Marvel properties are being rebooted, including 'DareDevil', 'Fantastic Four' and a fourth 'Punisher'.  Although, this is the first time a reboot is planned before the first film is even filmed.  

As with 'The Incredible Hulk' from 2008, a new cast will be used.  No director had been named as of yet.

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