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Repo Cartoon

You have to understand something about my comic.  Usually it deals with social and political issues and I get a lot of hate mail, so much so that I had a panel at the last I-Con just on hate mail my comic gets.  At one point when I did a series about Intelligent Design I took the email link off the site because I got tired of reading the evil emails from people who preach love and peace.

So it was so nice today to open my emails and see nice messages on the current comic that talks about seeing Repo! The Genetic Opera with the Shadowcast at Huntington this Saturday.  I think it's mostly from Jim's Blog at where he posted a short note about the comic on his blog, and I thank him for that.

People are requesting me to draw my gang as characters from the movie, which I'll try to do this week.

If you're going Saturday to see the Shadowcast at The Cinema Art Centre in Huntington I'll see you there.

Tags: i-con, no parking web comic, repo the genetic opera, shadowcast
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