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Okay, that's gross

Forrest J Ackerman past away in December.  If you are uninformed, Ackerman was the first Super-Fan of scifi (he coined the term scifi) and created Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine.  He had a huge collection of scifi and horror memorabilia, and he use to have tours of his home on Saturdays for fans to come see his collection.  In general, he was just a great kind man who shared his love and passion with the world.  He also had a punny sense of humor, writing some of the worst puns and jokes in each issue of Famous Monsters.  I had the pleasure of dining with him years ago, and got to enjoy and evening of listening to his jokes.

Before his death he had official Myspace and Facebook pages set up, and I befriended each one.  Last week I took a look at his Facebook page and under his photo on the left side is a link that says "Poke Forrest".

Now I know what a Poke is in Facebook terminology, but it really sounds bad on a profile of someone who has past away, even morbid in a way.  Still I couldn't help but break into laughter seeing "Poke Forrest" on his page.  And you know what, I think Forrest would too, he probably would have laughed the most.  

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