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And The Oscar Doesn't Go To...

Let’s face it; The Dark Knight and Wall*E were the best films of the year.

So, why aren’t they up for the big Oscars at the Academy Awards (except for Heath Ledger for Best Supporting Actor)? Let’s compare them to the other Best Picture nominees.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button- Didn’t see it, didn’t want to.

FrostNixon- Didn’t see it, didn’t want to.

The Reader – Didn’t see it, didn’t want to.

Slumdog Millionaire –Didn’t see it, didn’t want to.

Milk- Didn’t see it, didn’t want to.

(Do you see a pattern there?)

It’s not that I have anything personal against these films, they just don’t interest me. When I go to the movies I want to see a MOVIE. I don’t want to see some docu-drama about events I could see on the History Channel. If I’m going to take a second mortgage out on the house to take the family to the movies, I’m going to see something I’m interested in.

 Dark Knight and Wall*E had everything I look for in my celluloid entertainment. The Stories actually entertained you. The movies took your breath away when you saw them. So why were two of the best movies left off the big awards?

The Academy is sort of like that clique in high school you hated. The ones who thought they were so much better than you because they wore the latest fashions and you were into Star Trek, Doctor Who and reading science fiction (yeah, I still have issues about this). They would belittle anything you liked and tell you how stupid they thought it was. Of course they would fake interest in anything that would make them look deep and intelligent, but you knew they were clueless. That’s the Academy.

They don’t like scifi or fantasy, and it’s apparent. Only on rare occasions where the work was so overwhelmingly incredible did it concede and give the Best Picture award (actually, right now only Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King comes to mind, and to be truthful they only gave it to Peter Jackson after passing him over on the first two Ring films). I’m still mad at the Academy not putting DeForest Kelley in their memorial segment the year he past away.

So, on Oscar night, I’m going to do the same thing I did in high school to that clique that made fun of me and everyone like me. I’m going to ignore them.

On Oscar night I will sit down with my family and watch Wall*E and Dark Knight and not even think about them. Let them have they’re shallow little awards show. I know which movies were really the best of the year.

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